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UP AND COMING: Zephyria – Progressive Deathcore With A Twist

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     Deathcore tends to be a difficult genre to pull off these days. There are so many bands that flood the market-space with uninteresting music, it seems hopeless when looking for something decent. Today, I broke that mold when I discovered Zephyria, a Progressive Deathcore band with a classical and technical twist. They are based out of Kalispell, the northernmost city in Montana, close to the Canadian border. Their music is incredibly interesting, and I was very surprised when i listened to them.

     Zephyria‘s music is reminiscent of some old goodies, combining aspects you would expect to hear from The Human Abstract, “Exoplanet” era The Contortionist, and “Ascendancy” era Trivium. Their debut EP, “Paragon”, comes as an excellent surprise. There are grooves a-plenty, and their technical prowess is never too overshadowing of the rest of the music. I highly recommend giving this band a try if you’re looking for new and interesting music that is both very heavy, and very melodic. Spread the word, these fellas are very talented, and I’d like to see what they have to offer in the future.

Playthrough Video:

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