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UP AND COMING: Merit – The Pop-Punk band you want to know about.



     Merit are some new up-and-comers who hail from Lansdale, Pennsylvania, with a very unique brand of Pop Punk. I’ve been listening to their self-titled EP for a few months now and I have to say that I am absolutely hooked on this stuff. They started out in the middle months of 2016 and have been paving the way for success ever since, releasing a music video for their single “Swingline” last August, shortly followed by their debut self-titled EP only a few weeks later (You can find both the music video and stream of their EP below).

     If you like catchy choruses, fun breakdowns, and memorable sing-along lyrics, this band is worth every bit of your while. The 5-piece pop-punkers will certainly leave you wanting more by the end of their EP, and we have it on good authority that there is a short new release planned by the band somewhere in the near future, as well as a possible tour (maybe). We will keep you updated as more information develops.

     In the meantime, we urge you to listen to their music, watch their music video, and give them a like on facebook to keep up to date with the band. You certainly don’t want to miss out on this group of talented musicians. If you have the chance to catch these guys live, you should participate in their show. The energy of their live performance is unmatched by most local bands I’ve seen in recent months.


Listen Below: